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Aloysius Tamba Foryoh

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Africa has experienced the worst conflict in human history starting with the ongoing war in Sudan, Somalia, Angola, the Boko Haram invasion of Nigeria, political conflicts in Ivory Coast, Congo and today, Cameroon an algo-franco Central African country faces serious decline in both economic and social activities as a result of crisis. Africa has lost its precious human and physical resources mostly in civil wars and political conflicts. Africa has the highest number of war refugees around the world. (sources????)

Over 72% of African countries have either gone to war or involved in civil or political conflict at a point in time which has left thousands dead and millions wounded and displaced. (source???) We do not need prophets or angles to tell us that conflict is killing Africa and we have the power to end conflict in all its forms.

In response to the urgent needs of achieving a sustainable peace and development, Foundation for Peace and Solidarity, Open World Platform (OWP), Young African Women in Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs (YAWIDIAN) and Synergy for Youth and Development (SYD) are set to give young people global experience via the Cameroon International Model United Nations conference, scheduled from April 18th – 20th 2019 - with the theme “Building sustainable peace in Africa for future generations”.

This year, Cameroon International Model United Nations will bring together between 100-150 delegates from different parts of the world to discuss, debate and find solutions to existing global issues and challenges related to Sustainable Development. Delegates would have the opportunity to voice out their interest and opinion with regards to international affairs, international politics, international economy and finance, technological world, media amongst others.

At the conference, delegates shall simulate the UNHCR and UN WOMEN as the conference committees and are given the opportunity to present position papers on the following topics:

Committee topics
Subtopic 1: Increase in refugee and refugee crises in Africa; the way forward.
Subtopic 2: Protecting the rights of African refugees among AU member states

Sub topic: The role of the African Woman to ensure sustainable peace in Africa.

At the end of the conference, each delegate receives a certificate of participation. Then outstanding delegates in each committee are recognized and given an award at a value determined by the organisers.

MUN Conference is a great experience that you have to feel at least once. The benefits you will gain by joining MUN Conference are enormous.

Come meet with like-minded global change makers, network with great icons that are committed to changing the face of Africa. It is a chance for you to expand your friendship and enjoy a new place. An ideal opportunity to market yourself and your country to the world as you present your resolutions. This has an incredible amount of learning, sharing and collaborating.

At the MUN conference, you can become an excellent orator through your presentations and partaking in the debates.

MUNs are a great platform where people can learn to face their fear of public speaking. MUN obliges every participant to research and attempt to understand global issues and through their opinion attempt to bring lasting solutions to these problems.

MUN teaches you how to be a good diplomat while increasing your diplomacy and negotiation skills and moreover, MUN conferences have social events, which are an opportunity to network and have fun moments with new found friends. You could really feel a peaceful feeling and harmony among different cultures. It ranges from dinners, dance and challenging yet fun activities that bring enthusiasm and self-motivation.

Having such extracurricular activities and projects on one's CV is also very beneficial: it shows that the candidate has acquired strong skills and is interested in the world around him/her.

The benefits of Model UN cannot be overemphasized. They are measured in an individual’s confidence growing each time they speak at the podium, the complexity of language used in a resolution, and the friendships and bonds made across borders.

So! Are you enthusiastic about increasing your self-awareness, improving your networking skills, setting goals, discovering yourself, challenging yourself! Do you want to acquire knowledge, get easily motivated, develop leadership skills, get confident; it's about team work, talks, debates, being yourself, being authentic, being genuine and last but not least: you speak up! Nowhere better than MUN, a place to gain all skills that will translate into your future schooling and career

This is an opportunity that we are confident you will not miss as a global change agent.
At CAMERIMUN’19, we will be simulating the United Nations.
Limited spaces are available, deadline for applications, 10th March 2019. Follow us on Facebook, twitter or Instagram or reach us on +237-677-469-997/ +237-777-255-63/ +237-965-587-07 for your registration or any enquiry.


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